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Barrel-Aging Whisky

Barrel-aging whisky is probably a term you’ve heard a lot in regard to the spirit, but what does it mean and what does it do?
We’ve broken down the whisky barrel-aging process below, including how it's used to make the whisky you know and love.

What is Barrel-Aging?

As you may have guessed, barrel-aging is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the patient and attentive technique of aging spirits inside of wooden barrels.
Rooted in Celtic history, this process has been around for hundreds of years, and is what we can credit for the smooth taste and experience of today’s whisky.
It was discovered by (happy) accident when distillers started using barrels as a durable way to ship spirits.
The wood from the barrels influences both the flavor and aroma of the whisky and is enjoyed by whisky novices and connoisseurs alike.
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The Barrel-Aging Whisky Process

During the barrel-aging whisky process, raw ingredients, such as water and barley or yeast, are added to the barrel.
Then, these ingredients are aged depending on the type of environment they’re in; factors such as temperature and humidity play a key role in how long a spirit is aged for.
As time passes, the wood allows the vapor to pass outside of the barrel, and for oxygen to pass inside of the barrel in a continuous cadence.
Additionally, the barrels are typically toasted or charred prior to this process, and that charcoal coating acts as a filter, keeping flavors that may be disagreeable or unappetizing out of the whisky.
While the charcoal keeps unwelcome flavors out, the wood blends tannins, vanillin and smoke to create the signature whisky flavor we know and love.
Texas Crown Club ages its whisky in American Oak Bourbon barrels, creating a distinguished, smooth, mellow, and creamy taste.

The Importance of Barrel-Aging Whisky

When it comes to whisky, barrel-aging is more than just a centuries-old tradition.
The gradual oxygenation and use of toasted wood remove unpleasant flavors and ethanol, eliminating the taste of rubbing alcohol, and leaving behind a smokey smooth finish.
Barrel-aging allows us to enjoy whisky that is full of flavor and aroma, so next time you take a sip, raise your class to the tradition and history behind this unique process.
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