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Easy Ways to Enjoy Whisky

We may be biased, but we love anything and everything whisky. Whether it’s served neat straight from the bottle, or is used as a component in a gourmet burger recipe, whisky elevates any drink or plate with its smokey, smooth taste. While we recognize that shots of whisky aren’t for everyone, we’ve gathered some easy ways to enjoy whisky if enjoying it out of the bottle isn’t really your palate. Keep reading for some simple recipes to incorporate whisky, and then click here to find your nearest Texas Crown retailer.
Whisky Burger Influenced by Mantitlement
Dan from Mantitlement got it right when he said, “Once you make these whisky burgers, you’ll never want a plain burger again.” These patties are soaked in garlic and whisky for a full hour before grilling, so you can expect that smooth and smokey flavor you know and love in the bottle to pull through these burgers.
Grill them to 140 degrees and place them on a toasted brioche bun. Top them with bacon, avocado, grilled onions and more–the options are truly endless, just like our love for Texas Crown.
Honey Whisky Steak Tips Influenced by SpicySouthernKitchen
These steak tips are marinated in whisky, honey, brown sugar, soy sauce and more for a deeply rich flavor that’ll make your mouth water. Red pepper flakes bring in a kick of spice that’s mellowed by what is, in our opinion, the star of the show: the whisky. Then they’re seared in a cast iron skillet. The result? A sweet, caramelized coating with a warm pink center. This style of cooking is perfect for whisky, as it allows the smoothness to come through not just the steak, but the onions and mushrooms, too. Even the pickiest of whisky drinkers can’t say no to juicy, medium-rare steak and vegetables.
Bacon Honey Whisky Meatballs Influenced by GalOnAMission
One of the easiest recipes on this list, these bacon honey whisky meatballs are perfect as an appetizer or for meatball subs alike! These chicken meatballs are a healthier twist on the classic, and hide a full serving of vegetables inside their spherical goodness. What’s not to love about that?
Party guests and family members alike will rave about these, and you’ll inevitably get asked for the recipe for many gatherings to come. But don’t just take our word for it. We think reviewer Kay said it best: “I should have taken a picture of my Uncle’s face when he repeatedly told me how good they were.” Seems like a no brainer to us, too, Kay.
Whisky Slush Influenced by Fatherly
There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than a cool, refreshing, frozen slush. Actually, there may be one thing better: a frozen slush with booze. And that’s exactly what this recipe from calls for.
All you need is a pyrex food container and a few simple ingredients to whip up this alcoholic take on a classic. You mix the ingredients together and let your refrigerator do the rest. It’s maximum enjoyment for minimal effort, and frankly, what’s not to love about that?
We recommend topping with ginger beer when using our Texas Crown, as well. Great call, Fatherly. And nothing tops a slush better than an old-fashioned maraschino cherry. Just be sure to clearly label with slushes are for the adults and which ones are kiddo-friendly.
About Texas Crown
At Texas Crown, every bottle is crafted and completed by skilled hands. We start by selecting the finest grains. And we finish by meticulously slow aging our whisky in American Oak Bourbon barrels, giving Texas Crown Club Whisky a distinguished, smooth, mellow and creamy taste. To learn more, visit
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