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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Summer is in full swing and that can mean only one thing: the day that most of us struggle to find gifts for is just around the corner. If you guessed we’re talking about Father’s Day, you’re in luck. We know that dads and father-figures in general can be tough to purchase gifts for, especially when he already has a lot of things or casually tells you he doesn’t want presents this year. Fortunately, we’ve curated this unique gift guide for Father’s Day to help you put your best gift forward in 2022.
Whisky Set
First things first, if your dad loves whisky, a nice whisky glass set is sure to impress him this Father’s Day. Just be sure to click here to determine which kind of glasses he prefers. The guide takes into consideration the type and way he takes his whisky to help you find the perfect glasses that you know he’ll use and enjoy. Once you know what kind of glasses to get, pair them with a fifth of smooth and creamy Texas Crown Whisky, and a set of mixers. Put it all together in a nice basket, top it with a ribbon and you’re set with a great gift you know he’ll put to good use.
For the distinguished men on your list, cigars are a great way to celebrate everything you love about them. Cigars pair perfectly with whisky, too. Get him both for a relaxing afternoon away from it all – a gift he’ll wish he could get over and over again. For tips on pairings, visit our whisky and cigar guide here.
Handmade Gift Ideas
From the traditional greeting card with finger-painted handprints, to a basket of his favorite snacks (and, whisky, of course), there’s just something about the personal touch that handmade gifts offer. DIY Blogger, Tip Junkie, shared 32 of her favorite and easy Father’s Day gift ideas here. Pair any of these gifts with the smooth taste of Texas Crown and your dad will want to relive Father’s Day like Groundhog’s Day year after year.
No Father’s Day Gift Guide would be complete without power tools. They’re a great gift because not only do they get a lot of use, there are a lot of specialty tools to choose from. That means ideas for birthdays, the holidays and Father’s Days for years to come. If you aren’t sure where to start, we suggest heading to the garage to take stock of what he already has.
If that doesn’t yield the results you’re looking for, then we suggest visiting Durability Matters’ guide on how to choose the best powertool brand for Dad. The guide dives into each brand’s intended use, durability, popularity, reviews and more to give you everything you need to know before heading to the home improvement store.
Make This Father’s Day the Best Yet with Texas Crown
Nothing shows Dad how much you care and appreciate him quite like the smooth, creamy, distinguished taste of Texas Crown Whisky. Get the man you love something he’ll love this Father’s Day, or take it up a notch with any of the ideas we shared in this gift guide. If you’re struggling with what to get him this year, remember it's the thought that counts, but it counts even more if you’re thinking about whisky.
At Texas Crown, every bottle is crafted and completed by skilled hands. We start by selecting the finest grains. And we finish by meticulously slow aging our whisky in American Oak Bourbon barrels, giving Texas Crown Club Whisky a distinguished, smooth, mellow and creamy taste. To learn more, visit
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