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Sip, Vote, Win: Texas Crown Club Whisky Showdown

Welcome whisky lovers to the ultimate showdown of flavors and preferences in the Texas Crown Club Whisky Showdown! We are determined to find our fans’ ultimate whisky preference. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning to explore the world of whisky, this is your chance to give input and WIN MERCH! Here's everything you need to know to get in on the action:
Every week, we'll present you with intriguing matchups, pitting different aspects of the whisky experience against each other.
Round 1, it’s all about the drinks!
  • Whisky Neat vs On the Rocks: Choose between enjoying your Texas Crown Club straight from the bottle orpoured over ice. Embrace the distinct character of each serving style as yousavor the nuances of this fine whisky.

  • Cocktails vs. Mixed Drinks: Choose expertly crafted cocktails or classic mixed drinks. Whether you enjoy the complexity of a Manhattan or the simplicity of a whisky soda, there's something for everyone to root for.
    Round 2, choose the environments where you enjoy Texas Crown Club!
    • Backyard BBQ or Dinner Party: Decide between the ambiance of grilling outdoors with music and friends or the sophistication of hosting a formal meal indoors. Whether you opt for the casual charm of BBQ ribs and corn on the cob or the elegance of a multi-course meal with deep discussions, both options are better with Texas Crown Club.
    • Happy Hour vs Night Out: Do you prefer a relaxed atmosphere of discounted drinks and appetizers after work or the excitement of hitting the town for a full-fledged evening of entertainment? Whether you prefer unwinding with colleagues over whisky cocktails or dancing the night away at your favorite club with Texas Crown Club in hand, both options offer opportunities for fun and socializing.
    Round 3, winner takes on winner! Cast your vote on the chosen drinks and locations from round 1 and 2.
    Mainly, we want to find out how you are enjoying the Most Wanted Whisky! We also want to give away Texas Crown Merch to a super fan (check out our last winner)! Voters may also have a special opportunity for future projects...👀
    There are three ways to participate! Each vote also provides an opportunity to be entered in the Texas Crown Club Whisky merch giveaway. The three ways are below: - Instagram: Vote in the poll or comment on the post! - Facebook: Comment your favorite! - Instagram & Facebook Stories: Vote by story poll when available or swipe up to visit the latest post!
    Our journey begins on March 21 and spans approximately three weeks, with each round lasting one week. Here's a quick rundown:
    • Round 1 (March 21 - March 27): Drinks
    • Round 2 (March 28 - April 3): Locations
    • Round 3 (April 4 - April 10): Showdown- Drinks & Locations
    • The winner will be announced on April 12!
    When the final round concludes, it's time to crown our winners. Names will be drawn randomly from all participants who voted throughout the campaign. Once a winner is announced, we will contact you through social media and tag you on the winning post. Winners will have 2 weeks to claim prize.
    Let’s have some fun! - Connect with us!
    Don't miss out on the buzz – follow us on Instagram (@texascrownclub) and Facebook (Texas Crown Club Whisky) for updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and more chances to connect with fellow whisky enthusiasts. Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook whenever you’re enjoying a bottle of Texas Crown Club Whisky.
    So, are you ready to join the Texas Crown Club Whisky Showdown? Gather your fellow whisky lovers, find a bottle, and let the voting begin! Cheers to a month filled with spirited competition and unforgettable moments.
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