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5 Thanksgiving Whisky Cocktails to Impress Your Friends

The holidays are all about whisky. 

Sure, family and what not fit in there somewhere, but let’s talk about the part of the holidays that you actually look forward to. 

Back to whisky: we’re not talking about the well whisky from college that you worked hard to not taste, or the “grow hair on your chest, and get punched in the face” stuff that your grandfather had in his liquor cabinet. 

A good whisky cocktail, made from a smooth and easy to drink whisky like Texas Crown Club is a game changer. You don’t have to be a mixologist to make a delicious cocktail from it that everyone will love. 

Texas Crown Club is Bourbon barrel-aged, giving it a smooth and rich character that yields flavor notes like caramel, oak, cream, and vanilla. 

This gives it the perfect flavor profile to compliment traditional holiday flavors like apple, pumpkin, orange, and spice. Its creamy, smooth finish makes for an endlessly versatile addition to your bar. 

There’s more to whisky than just drinking it neat, on the rocks, or in an old fashioned. Here are some seasonal and surprising twists to whisky cocktails that even whisky-haters will love. 
1. The Kick-off - The best way to enjoy the game
1 oz Texas Crown Club Whisky
Oktoberfest Beer
This one is simple: do the shot, drink the beer. I know this one reminds you of your wild college days, but trust me when I tell you that it tastes classier than that.
The spices in the Oktoberfest will bloom the flavors from the lingering cream, caramel, and oak from the whisky. Touchdown!

2. The Free Texan – Because Texas makes everything better
1 oz Texas Crown Club Whisky
3 oz Coke
½ oz Lime juice Build into a rocks glass and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge if you’re feeling fancy.
3. The Alamo – This is gonna be one heckin’ last stand
½ oz Texas Crown Club Whisky
6 oz Topo Chico
Mineral Water 2 Dashes hot
sauce Build into rocks glass and stir. Yell out “Remember the Alamo!” for full Texas effect.
4.    The Pumpkin Spice Everything – Because we can’t even
1 ½ oz Texas Crown Club Whisky ½ oz Cinnamon Whisky ½ oz Sweet
Vermouth 3 Dashes
orange bitters
Sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice Stir, serve over ice, wear yoga pants, put on UGGs, take a picture of the drink, take a selfie, take a selfie holding the drink, take a selfie sipping the drink, repeat pictures using filters, post it all to social media or no one will believe that you had a cocktail. Enjoy!

5.    So Long, 2020 – It’s bitter, but so are we
1 oz Texas Crown Club Whisky
1 oz Campari 1 oz Sweet
Vermouth 1 Dash
orange bitters
Shake with ice, strain into rocks glass, stare into the void.
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