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Whisky Neat or On The Rocks?

Having your whisky “neat” or “on the rocks” is a surefire way to make people assume that you can’t appreciate the true taste of a whisky, and they couldn’t be more wrong. Whisky is one of the most versatile spirits. The flavor changes dramatically based on what you do (or don’t) add to it. You can have it neat, without any ice or mixers added in, or you can have it on the rocks with ice added. You can even get creative and add in a mixer! While a mixer can enhance or subdue certain flavor profiles (Check out this great article on whisky mixers and how they affect your whisky: having your whisky neat or on the rocks also changes the flavor profile and body. The best way to tell the difference in nuance of flavor when it comes to whisky neat or on the rocks is to try it with a balanced whisky that has distinct softer flavor notes. You’ll be able to sip it neat to discern the bolder flavors of the whisky, and you can enjoy it on the rocks which helps the flavors “bloom” and makes the body velvety. Our favorite whisky for the job is Texas Crown Club Whisky. It’s aged for a minimum of three years in real American Oak barrels, giving the whisky a distinct vanilla and caramel character, making for a universally loved spirit.

Having Your Whisky On the Rocks

Adding ice to whisky lowers the temperature, and while that may seem obvious, it’s important to note that the warmer a whisky is, the more robust and “hot” it will taste.
If you’re new to whisky and still warming up to the flavors, or just wanting a lighter drink for the occasion, putting ice in whisky will temper the bolder flavors and make it easier to drink.
Whisky on the rocks also allows for new whisky flavors to open up as the ice melts! Whisky consists of many layers of flavors, with the most dominant ones often covering up the more subtle notes.
While the dominant flavors are certainly tasty, the subtle ones should also be appreciated!
When having Texas Crown Club Whisky on the rocks, you get more of the subtle orange and spice notes that would otherwise be subdued by the oak.
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Having Your Whisky Neat

Whisky neat tends to be drier. This comes from the barrel aging process which imparts tannins into the spirit--the same stuff that makes wine taste drier.
It will take some time to acquire the taste of whisky neat, but don’t let that scare you off!
If you’re still warming up to the flavors of a bold and neat whisky, try pairing it! Whisky neat goes beautifully with various foods, and even cigars!
Check out this article on how to pair your whisky with cigars: in no time, you’ll be enjoying your whisky neat like a real pro!
Whisky is a wonderfully versatile spirit worthy of being fully appreciated in all its forms.
Elevate your whisky drinking experience today, and pick up your bottle of Texas Crown Club Whisky at a location near you:
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